Some projects I'm involved in: is a big Polish internet newssite with free software related news. We write about Linux and Linux solutions, BSD systems, programming, problems with software patents and so on. We're the main Polish source of free software information.

RWO is a Polish free software movement. We promote free software in schools and private companies. RWO is talking to politicians to convince them that free software in administration is not a bad idea. RWO was a part of Internet Society Polska - the Polish chapter of ISOC, now is an independent think tank. I have a great pleasure to be a leader of RWO.

Linux w szkołach is my new RWO project. We prepare information and demo-CD for teachers and staff of schools. We're going to send the information packages to schools in cities we have members in - and then try to convince them to give pupils a chance to learn something new.

Magiczny Flet is an old project. We're trying to write a new computer handbook for schools - but we don't have enough time to do it. Maybe in a future?

GNU/Debian is the biggest non-commercial Linux distribution. I'm one of users - and developers.

Paranoid Posting License was supposed to be a joke, but got quite popular. The license says: if you use information from this mail in your book or software, you have to cover it by GNU GPL or GNU FDL. is a site with some translations of main GNU texts and some new FSF texts. I'm a owner of this domain and I hope I'could find some free time to finish projects that should be on this webpage., formerly known as LinuxNET - was a mirror of best Polish Linux-related webpages, now is a historic site with a few very good FAQs that are nowhere anymore.

Past projects - I've already finished some projets.

Argante was a virtual, very secure and complete operating system. I was working on the gfx module. The project died in early 2003 (or late 2002).

FEDiP - First (open) Embedded Device In Poland - the project that was to provide the software and design of hardware to build an embedded device powered by Linux. FEDIP was divided into two independent projects - MultiFEDIP (car and home multimedia set) and CryptoFEDIP - the cryptographic accelerator. Now parts of MultiFEDIP work as my home multimedia center.

niusy was a third (after Donosy and Dyrdymałki) daily newsletter in Poland. Project was shut down after I've moved to Warsaw as I didn't have an internet access at the time.

Phantom BBS was the BBS I've founded in late 90s. Shut down many years ago. It was part of FidoNet and AllNet.

tate I've co-founded this pc-scene group

Darkmoon -- I was member (later: leader) of this pc-scene group. After some time I've transformed it to tate