Some personal information:

If you want to call me and say "happy birthday", do it on October 30. I was born in 1979 - so count on your own, how old I am.

I was born in Jaworzno, a Polish city between Krakow and Katowice. After school, I've moved to Warsaw and studied journalism (graduated in 2003) and (still studing) european relations

Meanwhile I've spend a year in - quite big portal that went bancrupcy after some 6 months of being online. I've moved to - the Linux solutions company and left after exactly one year. Before that, I've founded, the independent newssite with open-source, free software and programming freedom information. We also write about Linux, BSD systems and so on... That's my main job at the moment. Oh, and I've spent some time in Polish Radio 3 (now known as "Trojka") and Radio Zet.

I've returned to media on the last day of September, 2004 - the day Co z tą Polską? appeared in TV Polsat for the first time. I was doing research, looking for guests, thinking out new topics of discussion and so on... Great opportunity to learn how to make a TV show. I decided to leave the program on January 2005. Few days later I've started my student practices in European Center Natolin. Another month later I signed some papers and become the co-operating employee of this institution.

On October 3rd 2005, I've started work as stagier in European Parliament, as an assistant of Prof. Adam Gierek. I got back to Poland at the end of January, 2006.

Currently I'm an account executive in Central European Consulting -- Government Relations (CEC GR).

I'm also leader of Ruch Wolnego Oprogramowania (Polish pro-free software movement), for three years I was a member of board of Internet Society Polska - Polish division of ISOC and . I'm also a honorable member of Kolo Naukowe Informatyki Akademii Ekonomicznej in Krakow. And... yes... that's not all :)

I was a speaker on various meetings and conferences - mainly talking about free software and freedom of programming. Most often I speak in my native language, but for example in Brussels, during the meeting in European Parliament, I had a speech in Shakespeare's language.

Main hobbies? Climbing, skydiving, old books, yachting... I love reading - a day without a book in my hand is a lost day.

Organizations I'm cooperating with are, among others, Internet Society Polska, Ruch Wolnego Oprogramowania, Polish Linux Users Group, Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure, European Student's Network.