Here are some presentations I've prepared for various conferences. Unfortunately, most of my presentations and papers are lost, but here are some I've found in various archives:

slides prepared for my presentation at InfoSystem 2001 -- Embedded Devices and Linux

slides for Komputer Expo 2003 -- Free Software

presentation for "Miasta w Internecie" (Cities Online) conference. I've promoted Free Software in administration and self government (13.06.2003 - Friday).

slides prepared for a Green Party european deputies' meeting in Warsaw, on March 9, 2004.

presentation for a conference on Politechnika Gliwicka, May 14th, 2004. Bd wolny - i legalny (Be free and lawful.)

presentation for a IT days on SGH, December 2nd, 2004. Otwarte standardy, wolne oprogramowanie (Open standard, free software).

presentation I've prepared for a meeting with Uniwersytet Warszawski's students about dangers of software patents. A short description of each slides is also online. Of course, in Polish only.

slides for the conference organized by European Law Students Ass. in Szczecin. TeX version is here.

the presentation on Free Software prepared for Infosystem 2007 in Poznan. ODF version. (made in